Film Production is Our Passion
Film Production is Our Passion
101 Ways To Kill Your Lover Movie Poster

Short Film – 101 Ways To Kill Your Lover

Dark Comedy Short Film

Daisy has found a way to fix her inattentive husband… for good!

A sweet suburban housewife plots to murder her husband with the encouragement of her best friend, and the many handy tips from her newly purchased book entitled “101 Ways To Kill Your Lover”.

Daisy is a sweet suburban housewife who doesn’t feel that she has the life she had always dreamed of, and she blames it all her good for nothing husband, Teddy! Faced with the prospect of a “perfect” life with a new “handsome lover”, she sets out on a journey to rid herself of the troublesome Teddy, and move on to “greener grasses”. Unfortunately, she finds that it is not so easy a task as her clever plans are seemingly thwarted at every turn by chance and circumstance through the trials and tribulations of this clever dark comedy.



Daisy ~ Maggie Meyer  – IMDb Profile

Teddy ~ Jim Simons – IMDb Profile

Peppa ~ Michelle Burgess – IMDb Profile

Handsome Lover ~ Robert Hartburn – IMDb Profile

Gretel ~ Gabrielle Crofts – IMDb Profile

Waiter ~ Noah D’Annunzio – IMDb Profile

Poolboy ~ David Fang – IMDb Profile

Extras ~ Lea Elvery, Alyssa Hewell, Merri Ford, Maddi Oliver, Steven Kerr, Hamish Ford


Director                                                             Producer

Joel Siroen                                                    Linda Hewell

Assistant Director                                           Cinematographer

Kyla Robinson                                              Linda Hewell

Lighting                                                            Sound Engineer

Maddi Oliver                                                 John Hewell

 Benjamin Cox

Story By                                                           Costumes

Linda Hewell                                                  Merri Ford

Screenplay By                                                  Makeup & Hair

Linda Hewell                                                Vivienne Rintoul

Joel Siroen                                                   Gabrielle Crofts

Greyside Films
March 21, 2019

Released March 2018: Supernatural Drama Short Film
Mary, a woman in her 60s desperately seeking some form of acknowledgement from her nonchalant husband, is deeply disturbed when loud knocking on the couple's window is followed by the voices of teens taunting her name. She becomes more an more unravelled as the teasing continues until she can take it no longer and decides to confront the young adults with horrifying consequences….and a disturbing realisation.

Based on the urban legend Bloody ... See more

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