Film Production is Our Passion
Film Production is Our Passion
Strayed Short Film

Short Film – Strayed

Release Date: April 2019



Losing a loved one is never easy..

Strayed – a Dark Drama short film

Directed by – John Hewell.

Written by – Brandi Self

Filmed and Produced by – Linda Hewell

Starring – Chantelle Naude, Abbey Russell and Walt the Greyhound

IMdB Page:


A little girl spots her mother stuffing a suspicious bag into a trash bin soon after her dog goes missing.


April snatches her phone up and dials as she watches her daughter, Riley sombrely walk to the park with her dog. On the other end of the line, her ex-husband’s tired excuses for not picking up their daughter for the weekend are plentiful and bring about no resolution.

Hours later, Riley still hasn’t arrived home and April, feeling flustered and very worried, jumps into her car to go find her, but, upon backing out of the driveway, she hits something. In a panic, she quickly cleans up the mess, only to be interrupted by Riley, forcing April to give her the “death talk”.

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