Film Production is Our Passion
Film Production is Our Passion
Strangers Come A Knockin Round Midnight Movie Poster

Short Film – Strangers Come A Knockin’ ‘Round Midnight

Supernatural Drama Short Film

Mary, a woman in her 60s desperately seeking some form of acknowledgment from her nonchalant husband, is deeply disturbed when loud knocking on the couples window is followed by the voices of teens taunting her name. She becomes more an more unravelled as the teasing continues until she can take it no longer and decides to confront the young adults with horrifying consequences….and a disturbing realisation.


Based on the urban legend Bloody Mary, Strangers Come A Knockin’ ‘Round Midnight focuses on Mary Worthington (aka Bloody Mary) and her disinterested husband Stan who reside in real-time, on the other side of the mirror where daring teens anxiously await Mary’s disfigured appearance to appear in their bathroom or bedroom mirrors after calling her name three times by candlelight.



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